My Workout Reviews

The following is a list of workout DVDS I have personally used

Crunch: Super Slim Down with Ellen Barret

      Great workout especially for beginners or for people who have injuries or bad joints. It is a combination of Yoga and Pilates. I really like to workout with Ellen's tapes because she is not one of those workout instructors that goes through the movements so quickly you can't get a grasp on the move to perform it correctly or even be able to keep up. She shows you the move before you progress into the session. It also has nice calming music and is great for those days when you just want to have a light workout day.

Crunch: Total Resculpt with Kendell Hogan 

   Another great workout by the crunch series. This is a strength workout with two 20minute workouts. One is for lower body and the other is all upper body. When I first done this workout I could barely get through it. Very challenging for beginners but a great starter DVD for those new to strength training. He is a great instructor that is very upbeat and fun. He instructs each move before progressing into the session. I still incorporate this DVD into my weekly strength regimen. Not only is it fun but if I am pressed for time I can just do one 20 minute workout or both for a total body blast.

More to follow!!

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