Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Almighty Scale....HAHAHAHAHA

We all dread it, believe it, and fall into the scales trap to utterly destroy any and all happiness we feel with the progress we have made. 

IT LIES!!!!!!! Liar, Liar, Scales on Fire....

I just can't recall how many times I would have a very productive week full of good eating, knocked out some awesome workouts with the feeling of "I probably lost a couple of pounds this week...I just know it..hehehehe" Then we go to weigh in all bright eyed, feeling excited and scared at the same time..we slowly step on the scale that we think is our best friend..look down only to see either we gained a couple of pounds or the scale has not moved at all.

We stand there for a few seconds going over everything trying to figure out what we did wrong. Beating ourselves up, rethinking our strategy, saying to ourselves "I must workout longer and push myself" anything and everything negative will cross our minds even the ultimate "I should just give up". 

The truth is the scale is another one of those evil demons trying to crush us. Don't believe it's lies. The scale cannot and I mean CANNOT differentiate between muscle, body fat or water gain. The 2 lbs that you may think you have gained in fat could actually be............MUSCLE. Muscle weights more than fat, and muscle is what we all want. Yes even the ladies need muscle to have a shapely body. 

I recommend and follow this advice myself..ONLY weight in maybe 2 times a week or better yet once a month. Even then i still don't rely on what the scale says but I rely on how my clothes fit.   Using your clothes is the best way in my opinion to know if you are making any strides in your fitness goals. The scale may say one thing but your clothes will say another. Also measure yourself. Keep track of your inches. You may not have lost a pound according to the scale but you may have lost 3/4 of an inch off of your thighs. Even if you may have hit a plateau don't give up, don't fret just change things up a bit and keep going. You have come this far why stop now?

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Well today I decided I really need to get a jump on blogging as I am a first timer after all "I can't inspire people if I don't write". As I sit here shifting through my thoughts and sorting all the details out on how I want to place everything and what I want to write about....It dawned on me that I lack motivation. I have all the makings for it but trying to connect mind and body is just not working. How do I get back to that mind & body connection?

Maybe I haven't yet slayed all my inner demons as I have thought. I still feel blocked and cloudy. Like my mind is hazed and confused. I always had a passion for writing and I remember a once brief time when the words would just flow from me like a waterfall and spilled onto my pages. Where has that gone? I don't recall ever loosing it...misplaced it perhaps? It is funny how life sometimes gives you gifts and suddenly they go and you never even realize you lost it in the first place.

I knew something was missing when I tried to start on my novel again a few months ago that has been 4 years in the making now, but due to my lack of confidence and being the most critical on myself I have revised and rewrote it many times over. When I opened my word press I was completely blank. The story was still fresh in my mind but the waterfall has since dried up. Must be those damn beavers. Have to find the damn and blow the thing up. Without that I have no muse, no flow, no articulate motivation what so ever. 

I have motivation to workout, and eat write but WHERE'S MY INNER MOTIVATION gone to? How can I incorporate everything I want to accomplish and achieve and stay sane at the same time? Maybe I am only wired to focus on one endeavor then move onto the next. If that is the case I am going to be doing this and never get it complete until I DIE. I can't have that, I just wont. Somehow, someway I have to find that click to make everything snap into place and work together like clockwork, all together in one harmonious rhythm. If I could feel like that again maybe I wouldn't be as ditzy as I am now.

Well Nuff Said..................

I want to inspire you!!!!!!!!

I have always wanted to reach out and help others after I started my journey. I know the pain of being overweight and how it can impact your life, self image, and basically everything around you. I was once the fat girl that held myself back from enjoying life because i was ashamed, depressed and felt worthless. Growing up I never had an issue with weight. I was always active and very fit up until I got pregnant with my first child. I never thought I would have a weight problem even with my pregnancy because I did not have that Abominable appetite like my friends had when they was pregnant. Never the less I gained a lot of weight due from stress and depression I developed during that time.

10 years and two more children later I went from 115lbs to a Whopping 236lbs. One day I couldn't take it anymore. I was not happy with my life, myself, my body or anything at all. I had to change things before it was too late and lived a life full of Regrets & What Ifs. Things were not just going to change themselves I had to make the first step. I started to act instead of think or should I say Daydream of a much better me.

Having never been a exerciser before in my life (One that never done aerobics or weight training.) I found a nice fitness video on Netflix one day and decided to give it a shot. It was a crunch video called "Super Slim Down by Ellen Barret" I loved it. For a beginner and very over weight for my small 5'1 frame it was easy but tough to get through. The start off was a bit slow as I only worked out maybe a couple times a week and worked my way up from there. I tried various different workout videos to see which ones I liked as I get bored easily if it doesn't catch my attention.

I slowly started to work on my eating habits as they were very bad. A lot of processed frozen foods, fried foods, sweets, pop and fast food anything and everything that was a SIN to eat. I didn't completely do an overhaul right off from the start because I was afraid of crash dieting and then binging. The begining stages consited of reducing my portions, and I stopped drinking pop and replaced it with water. The I slowly cut out fried foods, sweets, and down the list I went. My kids on the other hand was not happy campers because I was not buying junk anymore at the store. Needless to say I eventually gave in to their cries and had to find the willpower not to sneak into the twinkie box.

Two years later I have lost 100lbs and have fought my demons head on and won many fights but I still continue to fight the war.